CafeMom Becomes CafeMedia As It Announces New Properties and Expanded Commitment to the Critical Millennial Market

Following up Quickly on Strong Launch of for Latina millennials, CafeMedia Announces Two Additional Upcoming Properties for Millennial Women

New York, NY (September 21, 2015) - Today CafeMedia ( announced a corporate name change from CafeMom to CafeMedia, as well as its two new upcoming properties that will serve millennial women. CafeMedia has grown its business by becoming number one with the mom audience, reaching 30 million monthly visitors across its properties which include CafeMom, The Stir, MamásLatinas, and Baby Name Wizard.

While the company remains committed to serving moms, the corporate name change acknowledges the company's expanded vision to serve additional audiences, starting with another huge and critically important audience: millennial women. CafeMedia already reaches 37% of the 37 million millennial women in the United States through its owned and operated properties and social platforms, making the audience an obvious starting point.

"We realized that our deep industry know-how and the proprietary platform that we've developed serving moms could be applied to other key audiences," explained CafeMedia CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Sanchez. "Recognizing how multi-dimensional and diverse millennial women are, we are launching three distinct platforms that allow us to leverage deep insights to serve each group in unique and customized ways."

The company started expanding its millennial strategy with the launch of Vivala ( in August, a mobile-first platform fueled by user participation highlighting real stories, video and images that represent the unique voices of the millennial Latina. In its first month in beta, Vivala attracted 300,000 unique visitors, and continues to grow rapidly as it fills a void in the market.

Next, CafeMedia will launch Swirl in the fourth quarter of 2015, a platform within CafeMom that will specifically serve millennial moms. There are 18 million millennial moms in the United States that are approaching parenting and life in fundamentally different ways than previous generations. Swirl will feature highly relatable and sharable conversation-starting stories written by and for the new generation of millennial moms. Swirl will cover a wide range of topics including parenting, beauty & style, food, healthy living, money and more.

Then, in early 2016, CafeMedia will launch Revelist (, a next-generation mobile-first platform that will cover the wide range of stories that matter to young women of today. Revelist will drive and participate in conversations around the topics millennial women care about featuring the voices that matter to them. The site will embrace a participatory approach that leverages user contributions, which is a differentiator across CafeMedia's properties, and will have a primary focus on the 19 million millennial women who are not moms. Revelist will celebrate the true celebrities of today's generation - all the social media stars doing interesting, smart and funny things and sharing them. Revelist will cover everything from travel to career to pop culture, as well as the relatable stories and experiences of real women.

"We've heard people say that this digital generation is "newsless," which simply isn't true," explained Kate Ward, CafeMedia's Senior VP of Product. "The truth is, millennials are probably even more connected to what's going on in the world, often on a minute-by-minute basis, but they simply consume news and information in a completely different way from previous generations.

"We think it's important that Revelist reflects the real-time, socially-influenced way that these young women think about content. We know that the thoughts of a young woman from a small town who runs a YouTube channel can be just as influential as those of a politician in DC or a more traditional celebrity in Hollywood, and Revelist will be a place where all of these voices will be found," said Ward.

Across the new properties, CafeMedia will give brand partners unique opportunities to reach this highly coveted audience through custom content marketing, native advertising, and influencer programs that help brands add value to users' lives and activate word of mouth.

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About CafeMedia:

CafeMedia is a rapidly growing digital media company that delivers highly participatory and shareable content to reach up to 75 million monthly users across its owned and operated Properties, Blogger Network, and Social Platforms.

CafeMedia developed its formula for success by becoming #1 with the mom audience - its properties, which include CafeMom, MamásLatinas, The Stir, Baby Name Wizard, and Vivala, generate a collective 285 million page views and millions of conversations every month. CafeMedia also engages users beyond its properties, with 28 million social media followers and posts that get seen 450 million times a month on social media.

CafeMedia develops custom content marketing, native advertising, and word-of-mouth influencer programs that help brands add value to users' lives and activate word of mouth. CafeMedia is also a leader in helping advertisers reach the right users and generate results through premium programmatic solutions.

CafeMedia was founded by Michael Sanchez and Andrew Shue, with Highland Capital Partners and Draper Fisher Jurvetson as lead investors.

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